I am participating in By The Mile For Be The Match—a fund raiser for the national bone marrow donor program. For more info or to donate, please visit my page:

You know that saying about it being better to aim high and fall short than to aim low and make it? 

Well SUCK IT MICHELANGELO! We’ve raised $120 in one day!

Note to Michelangelo and all others concerned: I apologize if I have misattributed this quote to you due to shoddy googling. If this nugget of wisdom is not a bona fide Michelangelo, I am sorry I told you to suck it. (I’m a big fan, by the way.) This being the internet, it is also possible that this quote originated somewhere else, from some other person, living or dead. If that is the case, I apologize to you, anonymous coiner of phrases, for not giving you the proper credit. Also, suck it. 

Seriously, I was going to nickel and dime this thing all the way to $300, and you’re making me feel unambitious. We’ll keep the goal where it is for the time being, but I’ll probably increase it because this fundraiser is supposed to be 100 days and you are kicking this thing’s ass.

Since this is becoming an art-themed update, I promised a weird shout out to the first person who donated $10 or more. That honor belongs to Sarah according to an 8:40 a.m. notification in my Yahoo! junk email account. Sarah is a woman of conviction who is doing way more to make the world a better place than I probably am, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that she was the first one to jump forward.


The above drawing was the weird part—a tracing portrait of you and your adorable boy wearing boxing gloves! I have been tracing random photos for my personal amusement since I was a kid. The results are almost always hideous/hilarious. I think this one just turned out kind of neat. Sorry! Besides the stalkery of raiding your Facebook page for a traceable photo, not that weird.

An interesting aside from years ago. A band I was in called The Trans Ams wrote a song for Sarah to thank her for buying pizza one night when we were all hanging around late at night. We had not yet mastered graceful exits, apparently.

My second donor, Jessie, probably deserves a tracing portrait as well. However, the rocket-propelled future summers our families are about to share are reward enough.

And finally, I want to thank my sister and brother in law for topping me off today. You deserve a portrait too, but nope, you get my unconditional familial love instead!

Thank you all so much.

Oh, and I did another 17ish miles today.

I leave you with three wonderful Ramones jingles for a shitty beer. I have had them stuck in my head all day, and I think that, indirectly, they say a lot about why the Ramones are the best. Also, Joey Ramone was a lymphoma patient and I’m guessing a bone marrow transplant or two helped him extend his fight. 

So…give me some money. The next Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager you drink will be on me!


I am participating in By The Mile For Be The Match—a fund raiser for the national bone marrow donor program. For more info or to donate, please visit my page:

Today I biked a little over 17 miles.

I blinded myself with my flash.


I listened to two podcasts.

My helmet gave me Dennis-Hopper-in-Super-Mario-Brothers hair.


I skateboarded for 20 minutes or so.

And what’s that got me so far? A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN!

Help me get some numbers on the board folks.

If all my Facebook friends pitched in a one-time donation of $1, I would SMASH my goal. That’s what I’m out to do.


The first person to donate $10 or more will get a weird shout out in tomorrow’s update.